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Troubleshooting is a way to solve seemingly impossible problems arising as the business functions.

A troubleshooter is a person having experience and practical knowledge necessary to solve the most difficult issues.

A team headed by a troubleshooter is able to replace cumbersome business structures and to work under super-stressful conditions performing extremely difficult tasks within periods that are impossibly short for conventional businesses.
Troubleshooters are the last resort. They are turned to when industry consultants give up and in-house experts cannot effectively deal with the encountered issue.

Troubleshooting means streamlining business processes, team building, establishing management reporting and solving lots of unconventional tasks. 

Who needs a troubleshooter? – companies facing issues that are unsolvable in their opinion, and searching for a way-out from a stalemate situation. Compared to consulting companies, troubleshooters find the best solution in minimum time and personally show what should be done, as well as how, where and when; if necessary, together with their team they get directly involved in operations management to bring a business to a new level.


Recommendations on using foreign company cases for managerial optimisation of business processes and control over capital

Development and creation of family trust funds to optimize inheritance and distribution of family capital

Establishment of an international group of companies (or trust funds), including negotiating and building the optimal structure, opening of accounts, accounting, audit, tax recommendations and transaction control (jurisdictions on request, most popular being Cyprus, Luxembourg, Switzerland, British Virgin Islands, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong)

Dissolution of foreign companies, assessment of tax risks for such companies

Negotiaions with foreign banks and companies on behalf of the customer

Maintaining personal bank accounts of the customer (invoice payment, due payment receipt, opening/closing of customer accounts)

Development of options for hedging country asset risks in the beneficiary's interests

Full documentary support of transactions

Arranging business purchase and sale transactions with domestic and foreign partners


Data base building with differentiation of access rights and automatic backup of stored information.

Audit and rebuilding of server architecture, redistribution of server load.

Creation of automation algorithms/processes and performance of same-type tasks in off hours (decreasing network resource load).

Creating and maintaining internal company web-sites (organizational and executive documents, training materials, decision, order and directive enforcement control, phone book, employee knowledge tests).

Building an automatic tendering system for selecting service/product providers with the subsequent automation of procurement for the company.

Comprehensive solutions for increasing fault tolerance and creating redundant (backup) systems for smooth functioning of company IT resourses.

Automation of interaction with government agencies (the Federal Tax Service, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the State Information System of Government and Municipal Payments).

Introduction of new software products, arrangement of data migration from an old system to a new one, data normalization.

Creation of data exchange gateways between various accounting systems (data bases).


Representing the Customer's interests in negotiations (conclusion of contracts, amending contracts, preparation of statements of disagreements).

Preparation of legal and procedural documents (statements of claims, petitions, requests, statements of counter-claims, defense statements, appeals).

Representation in courts of general jurisdiction, representation in arbitration court.

Comprehensive solution for collection of past-due debts.

Consultations on civil, labor, banking and insurance law.

Corporate conflict settlement.

Claim settlement.

Legal audit of companies.

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