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Revolutionizing Eurocommerce Bank: Transformative Journey and Achievements


Problem. Challenges Faced by Eurocommerce Bank Before Transformation:


Limited regional presence, conventional product range, inadequate performance metrics, qualification disparities, manual reporting, lack of holistic risk management system, office autonomy, and profitability misalignment.


Action. Catalyzed Transformation: Journey of Action


The project overhauled the Bank's development strategy, introducing a diverse product line of 172 offerings centered around unsecured loans.


Streamlined operations were established through meticulous loan sales and approval procedures, encompassing sales office employees and the call center.


Standardized processes were extended to branch operations and headquarter, complete with defined controls and override privileges for sales managers.


The Bank's activities were standardized, including documents for branch establishment, business plans, contracts, and customer service quality standards.


An empowered workforce was facilitated through the implementation of a robust KPI system, while an innovative framework was introduced to enhance engagement and productivity.


Result. Eurocommerce Bank Transformative Achievements:


The transformation journey encompassed comprehensive business process reengineering, system architecture overhaul, and bespoke software system development and implementation.


Results of the four-year transformation:

• 7X Growth in Assets

• 7.7X Surge in Overall Loans

• 11.5X Expansion in Deposits

• 8X Rise in Consumer Loans

• +200,000 New Cards Issued

• ~400,000 New Customers Served


In 2015, significant shareholders divested their ownership.

Trustcom Investment Group

Private Equity Firm
Monolit Holding

Eurocommerce Bank

Eurocommerce Bank

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Eurocommerce Bank

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Asset Management Firm

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IT Transformation
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Establishment of Technology Consultancy Agency
Rossia Insurance Company

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