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IT Transformation

IT Transformation of Asset Management Firm: Enhancing Efficiency and Client Engagement Journey.




Asset Management Firm (AMF), had a satisfactory level of automation of back-office operations and customer service. However, the firm encountered challenges in automating processes for mass clients. The lack of a proactive customer relationship management (CRM) system, remote contract conclusion, client personal portals, and call center automation hindered comprehensive client engagement. Poorly automated client reports further complicated the development of mass client services.


Action. IT Transformation: Enhancing Customer-Centric Efficiency.


In the role of Interim Chief of Development, orchestrated a comprehensive IT transformation at AMF, improving both customer interactions and operational efficiency.


Leveraged expertise to devise a strategic software overhaul.

This encompassing transformation entailed significant business process automation through software selection and integration. System requirements were defined, solutions were chosen, and seamless integration followed. Existing software was harmonized with the new systems, drawing from successful practices in related fields.


After implementation, the focus shifted to seamlessly linking all existing company software with new solutions, including Bitrix24, Nabix, Personal Cabinet for clients, and Mango Office.


Result. Enhanced Automation: Transforming Client Engagement and Operations.


Significant strides were made in automating business processes, marked by the seamless integration of the following software packages:


  1. Bitrix24: Enhancing business processes and client interactions with CRM and project management features.

  2. Nabix: Empowering comprehensive client engagement and streamlined document management.

  3. Personal Cabinet: Elevating individual client experiences through a personalized portal.

  4. Mango Office: Overhauling telephony operations for improved client interactions.


This integration of cutting-edge software not only personalized client approaches but also drove cost reductions through heightened operational automation. Notably, incoming client calls, customer support for ongoing operations, and more became streamlined and efficient. This led to an expansion in trust management and deeper client engagement, including referrals and increased contract numbers.


The new software systems revolutionized client interactions and managerial efficiency. Automation not only streamlined processes but also established industry-leading standards for decision-making, document approvals, and client communication.

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