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IT Projects

Transforming Eurocommerce Bank: Enhancing Operations Through Innovative IT Solutions


Problem. Limitations of Eurocommerce Bank’s Software Architecture:


  • Core System Functionality. The core system's basic standard functionalities limited revenue generation compared to technologically advanced banks.


  • Dependent Processing Center. The Bank's processing center relied heavily on an external Sponsor Bank, impacting plastic card income.


  • Terminal Processing Dependency. Payment terminals' popularity was marred by external processing, with a significant share of earnings going elsewhere.


  • Offices Software Challenges. Office workers lacked suitable software, leading to errors and inefficiencies.


  • Data Exchange Gaps. Core system lacked automatic data exchange with other software, hindering seamless operations.


  • Manual Loan Approval. Loan approval processes relied on manual document emailing via Microsoft Outlook.


Action. Transforming Operations: Empowered Transformation through Innovative IT Solutions


A bold initiative was undertaken to revolutionize Eurocommerce Bank's operations by comprehensively overhauling its IT systems. A series of strategic solutions were meticulously implemented, each tailored to address specific pain points.


This encompassed:

  • Integration of advanced banking core CFT;

  • Establishment of a cutting-edge SmartVista-based processing center;

  • Creation of a cohesive Data Processing Center;

  • Introduction of pioneering technologies such as:

    • 1C Document Management;

    • Proprietary Terminal Processing;

    • Loan Origination Platform;

    • CIO Portal;

    • Employee Qualifier Software;

    • Procurement Process Automation;

    • Bank Library (Wiki);

    • Automated Overdue Debt Management;

    • and Electronic Cashiers.




These visionary IT solutions not only revolutionized operations but also solidified the Bank's dedication to innovation, delivering unparalleled customer-centric experiences.

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