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Private Equity Firm

Revitalizing Private Equity Firm: A Transformational Journey


Problem. Revamping an Outdated Family Management Company.


Trustcom Investment Group, a private equity firm, faced a formidable challenge in modernizing and restructuring an antiquated family management company. This entity urgently required a comprehensive transformation to thrive in today's modern and highly competitive business environment.


Key Challenges:

  • Legacy Management: Outdated management practices hindered operational efficiency and competitiveness.

  • Diverse Portfolio: Managing a broad spectrum of projects lacked streamlined control and uniformity.

  • Management Team Formation: There was no standardized process for forming and leading management teams for various assets.

  • Budgeting and Metrics: The absence of standardized budgeting and performance metrics posed a significant hurdle.

  • PEF Engagement: The private equity firm's involvement in asset development needed enhancement.

  • Project Management Complexity: With a multitude of investment projects, each with unique objectives, there was a pressing need for a well-structured and efficient approach to maximize returns.


Trustcom aimed to initiate a profound transformation within this family-managed entity to align it with the demands of a contemporary and competitive investment landscape.


Action. Achieved Operational Excellence: Maximizing Returns.


Managed 21 projects, including 12 investments and 9 operational endeavors. This involved implementing robust controls, risk management strategies, and KPI/motivation systems. Our oversight extended to handling $200 million in assets and managing a workforce of over 7,000 personnel.


Key Actions Taken:


  1. Conducted Research and Due Diligence: We conducted in-depth research and due diligence for potential investments.

  2. Enhanced Project Control: We developed a joint-stock control system and streamlined management tools.

  3. Maximized ROI: We executed plans to achieve maximum return on investment.

  4. Managed Crises: We successfully navigated crises in partner companies.

  5. Restructured Finances: We restructured financials and formed management teams for partners.

  6. Oversaw Liquidity: We managed liquidity and established robust budgeting processes.

  7. Defined KPIs and Motivation: We developed and implemented KPIs and motivation systems.


These actions were aimed to optimize investment returns and fostered excellence across Trustcom Investment Group's project portfolio.


Result: Transformation at Private Equity Firm.


The project achieved the following outcomes:


  1. Modernized Enterprise: Transformed a family-run Private Equity Firm into a modern, efficient entity.

  2. Institutionalized Decision-Making: Established and managed an Investment Committee to enhance investment decision-making and asset management processes.

  3. Enhanced Asset Oversight: Implemented a robust asset reporting system, improving financial performance by engaging Private Equity Firm management.

  4. Control Over Key Asset: Gained control over RUSSLAVBANK, a major payment system.

  5. Holistic Project Analysis: Conducted meticulous project and asset analysis for effective decision-making.

  6. Audit Success: Completed 25 due diligence projects and 21 comprehensive audits.


These outcomes highlight the project's transformative impact, positioning the Private Equity Firm for continued success and growth.

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