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(Private Equity Firm)

Modernized and restructured outdated family management company, resulting in a modern and efficient private equity firm with assets over $200m.

- Researched and analyzed potential investment projects;
- Evaluated due diligence of upcoming projects;
- Created joint-stock control system for projects and businesses;
- Developed optimal management tools;
- Initiated and completed plan that resulted in a maximum return on investment (ROI);
- Crisis management of group partner companies;
- Financial liabilities restructuring (group client companies);
- Formation of management teams for group partner companies;
- Liquidity and solvency management of the group clients;
- Formation of budgeting process for the group clients;
- KPI and motivation systems development for clients and partners;
- Founded and managed Investment Committee;
- Simultaneously directed 21 projects (12 investments project and 9 operational project);

Operational project included:

- retail bank - EUROCOMMERCEBANK;
- insurance company – NEZAVISIMOST;
- immovables (more than 20,000 m2);
- three development companies.

Investments project included:

- universal bank - RUSSLAVBANK, with one of the biggest payment systems in Russia – CONTACT (;
- energy efficiency technology – AET (Alternative Energy Technologies);
- aerospace company in the field of private and business aviation - Air Independece (;
- regional representation and dealer - AKAI (;
- auto dealer - Block Group (Motors);
- international leader in the field of efficient beam shaping - LIMO GmbH (;
- Kamensk Uralsky Metallurgical Works (KUMZ in Russian abbreviation) is one of the largest downstream companies in Russia (;
- VALARS Group - Russian agrarian and trade company existing 2006-2011, was one of the largest Russian grain traders and agricultural producers.

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